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Buckaroo Bags

Buckaroo Bags...our Subscription Bags

These are our monthly subscription bags! Each Month items will be different! We have 3 levels of bags...our Bronze, Silver and Platinum.

Our Bronze Bags are our smallest bags. They are what we call our Jewelry bags. They will have a couple pieces of a jewelry and sometimes something extra. The value of these bags will be around $25. Items will vary each month.

Our Silver Bags are the middle sized bags. They are what we call our accessory bag. Items will include but vary...a top and a couple accessory items. The value of this bag is $59.95. Items will vary each month.

Our Platinum Bags are our largest bag. They are what we call our "Rep Inspired Bag". Each month one of our BB Reps helps with the contents of the bag. This bag can vary with a top, bottom, accessory, jewelry, shoes....can vary each month on the contents but the value will always be $150.00.


If you want to sign up for these fun bags each month...simply purchase the bag size you want and you will be prompted on how to sign up monthly or for only one time! Contact us if you have any questions!



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